Hey guys. I have been a member of the Tech Podcast Network for almost four years now. The last two years, TPN has set up a live broadcast booth from Las Vegas, Nevada for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES.) This year will be our third year streaming this content on our web sight. As such Tech Podcasts sends a shout out for our show for sponsoring it.

I would appreciate it if my family members here at Trek Mate could spend some time watching the show from my link, . You will see TPN members interview the vendors and visionaries who create the electronics we love so much. Each year I find many things I wish were already created. It is quite interesting to see how these future gadgets work.

Please join us and watch the show as much as you can. Get the word out if you would. It runs from January 8 through 11 and should run 24 hours a day. I would like them to see a lot of viewers on the Lou Trek Show website, as it would really make us stand out.

Thanks everyone.