Okies folks JD is not a well boy at the moment and is in no way to record.
so tonight im going to sit down and do my own little tangent pod as i want to have something come out.
Im not going to do the next episode of the show either as it will be all out of whack and we have promised someone a guest spot on the episode.
so why do i asl for help???

people PLEASE send us in questions
can be on anything. lets call this a mail bag episode
shit ill even do shout outs on it if thats all you want.
so why not send us a question. can be as silly or serious as you like.
ill attempt to answer everyones questions.
hey even send a message if you want to address osmething you dont like about the pod. or hopfully what you like.

you can leave your message here,
or email us wilderness1701@gmail.com
or tweet us at wilderness1701

sorry for the late notice
but please help us out or it will be just me babbling for 20 mins.