There seems to be an odd trend across all the Star Trek series of suddenly, in the final episodes of the show, getting main characters together. It’s like the producers fly into a mad panic and decide they just have to cram one more romance in before the end. Examples include Troi/Worf (WTF?), Dax/Bashir, and Chakotay/Seven-of-Nine (double WTF?).

What’s also interesting is that every one of the unlikely hook-ups mentioned above was swiftly written out of existence in the post-finale novels (which aren’t canon of course). It seems everyone except the production team knew these rushed romances were weird and ill-advised.

So, why were they written in in the first place? What was the motivation from a story or series perspective?

TL;DR Why does Star Trek like to have main characters suddenly get together in the closing episodes of the series?