Hello, everyone!

I wanted to make my debut post with, what I think, at least, was a funny encounter I had years ago. I was a staff writer for a local newspaper and told one night to go out to the local distillery and cover the fundraiser it was hosting. The assignment was what’s called a “grip and grin,” basically, burn a roll of film taking quick pics of local VIPS mingling with outside VIPs, and then get out. After I got my pics, the chief server announced this was last call on the buffet. Since the guests seemed to be more interested in liquid refreshment than solid, they started to remove the buffet. There was a ton of food left, so they let the servers and others help themselves first, and I shamelessly set to.

The chief server, a short, portly man with prominent sideburns, asked to see my camera because he had been a photographer earlier. And as I continued to talk to the man, he had done a lot of other things. Time in the Navy and as a merchant sailor, mining work, acting, photography, and a stint in jail for an unspecified offense. I somehow couldn’t shake the feeling I knew this guy.

Then it hit me when he said, “Yeah, I was ready to retire, but then I met my girlfriend. She ran away from home right before I met up with her, and I’m putting her through nursing school. So now, I’m a cook, but with all these different types I have to work with, you could say I’m an ambassador too!”

I was eating cold hot wings with the real-life Neelix!

As I was leaving, I asked the man, if he ever watched Voyager. He said no, and asked if he should. I said, “Yeah, you should, one of the characters is someone I think you could relate to.”

“All right, I’ll check it out then.”

If his girlfriend ever transformed into a deep space monster, I guess he could blame me.