Hi Everyone. I wanted to send something saying Pen Pals has been taken down, or actually reposted to come out in 2035, because of a silly blunder on my part while posting. When I posted the show, somehow it stayed in drafts and was not complete. I had already put up a forum post on the show, but the main post stayed in drafts until it was pointed out to me in the forums. I then went to the draft and posted it.

It was then later pointed out that the post had no audio file attached. As a result, the feeds had the post, but no audio. That was fixed five days ago and since then the audio file has received 21 downloads. That’s around a couple hundred shy of where it could be in a five day cycle. Therefor, to try to recapture the feed downloads, I am taking down the original post and will be reposting Pen Pals this coming Friday as a totally new post that should make the feeds much happier.

As a result, the rest of season 2 will be at least one week or two weeks behind. I already have one show, Samaritan Snare edited and ready to be put together. If we post two shows too quickly, again pod-catchers will ignore one and highlight the other, which is why a part 1 and a part 2, posted together has a wide difference in download numbers. So I will repost Pen Pals, worded differently so it will not be overlooked as a reposting of the same thing, in the hopes it helps the numbers and you don’t have to miss out.

Thanks and talk to you soon.