From the ashes of TDQ rises yet another podcast…

Continuing Missions: A Star Trek Voyager Novel Review Podcast!

Join Melissa, CarnivoreJ, Caroline, and me on the first Friday of every month to discuss one of the Voyager novels!

Our first podcast will feature Jeri Taylor’s Mosaic and will be released July 3rd (recorded June 20).

Interested in being a guest? We’d love to have you! We are recording on Saturday evenings, two weekends before the release date of the podcast. Let us know if you are interested in reviewing any of the books on our schedule:

1. Mosaic (July)
2. Pathways (August)
3. Homecoming (September)
4. The Farther Shore (October)
5. Spirit Walk: Old Wounds (November)
6. Spirit Walk: Enemy of My Enemy (December)
7. Before Dishonor (January)
8. Full Circle (February)
9. Unworthy (March)
10. Children of the Storm (April)
11. The Eternal Tide (May)
12. Protectors (June)
13. Acts of Contrition (July)
14. Atonement (August)

You can contact us through:
Twitter: @ContMissPod
… or right here on the Trek Mate forums!