Hi Guys, Lyn in Australia here. I’m one of the silent majority who’ve been listening.
The last few years have been extremely difficult to get through for me and The Delta Quadrant has been one of the few things I’ve really looked forward to each week.
I grew up watching star trek from the early 70s and never had anyone to talk with about it so it was wonderful to discover that podcasts like yours existed.
Of all the Star Trek podcasts I have tried, for me yours has the best chemistry, along with the folks at Ten Forward and it would be extra sad and possibly a sin against the gods of podcasting if that chemistry disappeared entirely.
I hope you can come together on Ten Forward sometimes, and I would love to hear all your differing views on Deep Space Nine, especially on In The Pale Moonlight. Now that would be one kickass podcast episode.
Favorite memories of the podcast? The romance novel episode, otherwise known as Threshold. I especially enjoyed your reaction, Matt, and may I add that occasionally I’ve heard a very naughty, smokey giggle from you that has really cracked me up and is very sexy to boot.(Now I’m blushing) Also, to me your voice sometimes sounds very much like Guinan’s which is pretty cool thing.
The Message in a Bottle review was also great fun to listen to, and the Real Life review had me tearing up as much as the episode itself did. Another highlight was the Tuvix discussion.
Many of your reviews have had left me seeing things in a different light, but I think what I have enjoyed most is that despite some very opposing opinions which at times have been hotly debated, the love and respect you have for each other shines through sooner or later and that is a very ‘Star Treky’ value which has been beautiful to witness.
Someone on the podcast at one point mentioned doing a Galaxy Quest review. Maybe they were joking but I for one would love to hear that sometime in the future too.
Of Voyager itself, I too wish the Marquis had played a much bigger role and that Chakotay had been allowed to show much more often the wonderful intensity we saw from him a few times. That character had great potential and I still enjoy him despite it not being fulfilled.
I also would have loved to have seen Suter stay around longer. He was an intriguing character, especially in his pairing with Tuvok.
Overall, there were some great Star Trek episodes on Voyager and even in those that weren’t so great I enjoyed the characters and their close bond.
Gino, Melissa, Ben, Matt, my heartfelt thanks to each of you for the many hours you’ve devoted to producing such a professional and high quality podcast and for putting so much of yourselves into it. You have helped me through bad times, just as Star Trek itself always has. All the very best for your individual future voyages. You will be missed indeed.