This week on UP2 the Crew reviews the episode “If Wishes Were Horses”.

The Crew of DS9 finds their imagination and fantasies are taking over. Sisko thinks about baseball, O’Brien continues to be a poor storyteller and the PAJ is all over Dax again….

What does our crew think about the episode? Will this be a five star (or 5 Emu egg) episode? Does the TOS episode “Shore Leave” do it better?

I will tell you this much…our beloved Chief of Security loves this episode so much that he has been assigned a very important mission: Travel to Sector 001 -Earth and conduct a very important study on the mating Rituals of Emu’s.

Are we (and by “we” I mean Tak) too harsh on this episode? Leave us your thoughts and feedback. Leave a 5 Star I-Tunes Review and Tak will ensure he provides us with a full report on his important mission!!!