This week on Upper Pylon Two we review the Episode “The Storyteller”.

Chief O’Brien is appointed spiritual leader of a Bajoran village. Meanwhile, Nog and Jake try to help their new friend settle a struggle between two Bajoran villages.

Hey…we get a double dose of goodness – a Chief O’Brien episode AND another Jake & Nog B “story”line.

How will this “Story” hold up in our final thoughts and ratings? Will Melissa score it a Five Star Review? Can Chris remain a beacon of positivity throughout? Is sharing the same quaters starting to make our Matt(s) come closer together in their thoughts and ratings? Did our favourite Canadian need to be on this week in order to bring the score up????

Please join us to find out the answers to these important questions. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to leave a 5 Star i-tunes rating – our Captain will love you forever!