This week on UP2 we review the episode “Dramatis Personae”.

The crew becomes infected by a telepathic imprint of a culture that destroyed itself. Or more importantly it appears like our crew is on an episode of Survivor (with some Shakespearean flavor) complete with Alliances, Betrayals, Blindsides, Manipulations, and Paranoia. The only thing missing was Tribal Council.

What alliances will be formed amongst our own crew? How will our XO fair without his roommate on the Station this week? How will the lone Canadian on the Station fair? Will Chris’s “beacon of positivity” win out in the end or be his downfall? Which Melissa will we see – Our Caring, Loving, Friendly Captain?? Or Evil Melissa from TDQ who uses curse words and will use her cookies to lure all of us closer to the airlock…

Whose Phasers will be “snuffed out” and be voted off the Station? Who will be the lone Survivor???

This week we are joined by special guest Ben (aka Captain Proton) from The Delta Quadrant Podcast. Β Join us as we discuss our beloved characters and how they are portrayed in this episode. Don’t forget to leave us your feedback.