This week the crew of Upper Pylon Two reviews the episode “Duet”.

Kira must confront the ghosts of the occupation when a Cardassian with a very particular malady arrives at the station. She will be challenged and pushed to the edge as she remembers the horrors of what she saw, but is everything as black and white as it seems now?

The entire band is together this week as we review what is considered by many to be the best episode of Season One.

How will the crew rate it? Will Chris “bellow” out another 5 Star review? Is this another 5 Star “melody” for Melissa? Will Hansen “sing” Kira’s praises? Will Smonskey and Blair “wail” about this episode – once again bringing down the average rating??

OR…Will we all be all be in “harmony”?

“Tune” in to find out.