Ooops. Due to a number of unexpected circumstances over the Christmas period we were unable to record the planned show and I forgot to put out a forum post!!

This was due to have been our preview of the 2016 Sci Fi related films and we were due to be joined by our good friend Lee.

This will now become Episode 17. In the mean time I have re-released a review of The Hitchhikers Guide that I did for the Rusted Robot podcast back in Oct 2014. If you have heard this before then I apologise.

This review is based on the Radio series and contains clips from them.

If you have any comments or ideas for segments in the show or would like to send us an Mp3 file, then you can get in touch in the following ways;
TrekMate Forum
Twitter, @scifiwaffle, @darthvaderloo, @firbob1
Facebook, search for “scifiwaffle”

Thank you for downloading and listening and enjoy the show.