Hi guys.

We have had issues lately with scheduling and things happening that we have not had a chance to do forum feedback.

We will be recording all forum feedback we have missed, so you still have time to leave feedback for the following episodes. I’m not sure where we left off right now, but will find out. If we already did a particular forum, we will still read new submissions after this message date.

18: Allegiance, 19: Captain’s Holiday, 20: Tin Man, 21: Hollow Pursuits, 22: The Most Toys, 23: Sarek, 24 Menage a Troi and 25: Transfigurations.

We will record forum feedback for those episodes. If we already read any of those, we will determine that and only read the newest feedback that didn’t make the last reading. Please go to those forum posts and leave your feedback for it.