This week the crew of UP2 review the episode Blood Oath.

When three aging Klingons arrive on the station, Jadzia discovers that old promises from a past life may have to take precedent. But will doing so jeopardize her career in Starfleet, or even more importantly, her own well-being?

Contrasting views dominate our show this week. Who is the “beacon of positivity” this week and who has a “Tak-Attack”? We have those that love this episode (Hansen) and those that don’t (one person – I’ll let you guess who falls into this category). Needless to say we aren’t called Upper Pylon “Two” for no reason.

Regardless of those Pooh Lovers – I mean “Two” lovers, let us know what you think. Do you like this episode as much as Hansen (and most of the others)? Or will you start calling the show Lower Pylon Two by scoring this episode on the low side?

Place your bets (and by that I mean post your bets) on who the low scorer is before you listen. And no…Tak wasn’t on this episode!!