Bonjour mes amis. This week the Crew of UP2 review the episode “The Maquis, Part 2”.

When his old friend, Calvin Hudson, emerges as a leader in the Maquis, Sisko must balance his feelings of loyalty to his friend with that to Starfleet in an attempt to preserve the continually-degrading peace treaty with the Cardassians. But will doing so require Sisko to sacrifice the life of his friend, and is he only delaying an inevitable war?

Hansen and Blair are back, but Chris is on shore leave. Jason Rogers (aka TheScarletPhantom) is back once again to wrap up the two parter.

There is going to be a lot of people being thrown under the bus in this episode and the UP2 Crew (Smonskey in particular) has come to the conclusion that the Maquis are a “Band of Boobs”!!

Let us know what you think, and hey, don’t forget to leave feedback for Part 1 First (nudge, nudge Kieran).