Hi All,

I’ve spent this afternoon upgrading the forum to the latest version of WordPress. Things should be working ok, but let me know if you spot anything weird.

Changes & things I know about:

  • Updated from WordPress 3.8.20 to 4.7.4 (For info, the 3.8 branch dates back to 2013)
  • Various plugin updates (newer versions weren’t compatible with 3.8)
  • Made some adjustments to our anti-spam countermeasures. Users shouldn’t notice any change but there were a number of spam user registrations getting in lately.
  • The user ranks page has an error on it. It doesn’t prevent the ranks from showing, however.
  • The theme needs an update (this has been an issue for a while, and will be a much bigger piece of work). Some things just look a little odd in some browsers, for example click on ‘Rank Leaderboard’ above and you’ll see the icon looks all weird when you’re on the page.