I’ve got a poster which is a print of a cross-sectional drawing of the NCC-1701-A enterprise by “C Bruce Morser” dated 1995. It is embossed with a stamp saying Limited Edition 95.

I’ve found a reference to it on http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Aluminum_Model_Toys which makes sense as I did have a model enterprise when I was younger. Quoted from the page:

“On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, AMT/Ertl commissioned the production of two cutaway posters of the USS Enterprise-A and USS Enterprise-D and inserted those in their 1995-1996 model kit issues as a bonus. Which one was included was indicated by a sticker on the packaging. The artwork was done by C. Bruce Morser. As with the Sci-Pub Tech publications, the cutaway posters are not considered canon.”

I’ve owned it for a long time and now I’m thinking of selling it to someone who may appreciate it more than I do and, I won’t lie, I’m also hoping it’s worth something. To that end, I was wondering if anyone might know what, if anything, it’s worth and where the best place to sell such a print might be?